Managing Change, Restructuring & Renewal

As businesses move beyond the launch phase, their environments continually change and, as they seek performance stability and organic growth, their organisations and people evolve as the Business Fundamentals adapt. Understanding the organisational and people implications of these changes… and the changes yet required… is a key management responsibility.  Developing a focused change agenda, managed in parallel with ongoing commercial agendas, can be a major challenge.  Inadequate scoping and resourcing can have major implications for staff workload, morale and effectiveness and organisational performance.  If left too late, change can become a difficult restructuring.

At Company Kinetics we draw on wide experience of private and public sector change and restructuring to assist clients identify why change is needed and how their organisations can introduce perceptive, sustained change – addressing issues such as the capability gap, responsiveness, stress, the ‘cultural jigsaw’ and performance transparency – in the pursuit of sustainable performance improvement. Intrinsic to this is the introduction of systematic and stimulating re-appraisal and renewal to demystify the process of change and embed it positively within the organisation.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your change or restructuring challenges whilst allowing you to maintain focus on the key day to day commercial activities.